The bass player’s lot has always been a hard one. Forced to carry large, heavy, enclosures, or suffer from lack of drive when using smaller units, it has been a frustrating battle to find the perfect combination of power and weight. Dave “Greenboy” Green, based in the USA, set about designing a series of cabinets to meet his demanding performance requirements, based around specific high end drivers and electronics.  Initially offering his designs as free downloads for the enthusiast to assemble, the next generation sport even more advanced speaker and crossover technologies, and are only available via authorised builders. Tricky Audio are pleased and proud to have been awarded Authorised Builder status, and are the sole representatives in Europe at this moment in time. We offer the full range of enclosures and, if you dont want another anonymous black cabinet, we can also finish the cabinets to your specification with a wide range of colour and hardware options.



What Our Clients Say

“Loving my Greenboy F110. No matter what configuration, they deliver that full range bass sound that most other cabs are missing”

Kim Nekroman

“Since the F112 came into my studio, I’ve had a hard time playing through anything else. It seems to make every bass and amp sound their best”

Pete Pritchard

“I had plenty of comments on the sound of the bass. All in all, I am very happy with this purchase. This cab continues to grow on me. ”

Roy Stewart

“Greenboy speaker cabs are very transparent,you can hear everything you put into it with amazing clarity. You just don’t need anything else!”

Nick Hoadley


From small, intimate, venues, to large rock concerts, there is a cabinet that will meet, and probably exceed, your expectations.  Specifications

Custom Options

Dont just settle for a standard black cabinet. We can offer an array of custom options to individualise your chosen cabinet to your taste Custom Options


Some examples of our work, including custom options, can be found in our gallery.  Check back for updates as new builds are completed  Gallery


Information on the ordering processes can be found below.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if any part of the process is unclear. Order

Latest News

New Custom Options

We are pleased to be able to offer powder coating as an option for your metal cabinet hardware. We can offer this as a grille only option, a corner/handle/backplate combination[…]

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Welcome to the new website for Tricky Audio. Hopefully you will find lots of useful information here, and decide that you want to become part of the Greenboy family. Please[…]

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