“Thanks for building my Greenboy F115 and getting it delivered as planned. I thought I would drop you a line.
On first use I was not disappointed the cab sounded great and very smooth indeed with plenty of control in the bottom end. 
I had plenty of comments on the sound of the bass which is always appreciated. All in all I am very happy with this purchase
This cab continues to grow on me the more I use it.”

  • – Roy Stewart

“Greenboy speaker cabs are very transparent, you can hear everything you put into it with amazing clarity, on top of that their projection is amazing. Tricky Audio do such a good job on these bespoke finished speaker cabs, they have to be heard to be believed. Once you have one you just wont use anything else. They back up their fine product with fantastic service….You just don’t need anything else!”

  • – Nick Hoadley

“I confess I had my doubts when someone recommended Greenboy speaker cabinets to me. After all, how could something that small compete with the traditional cabinets that I had been using? I was amazed. The FEARLESS F112 cabinet not only surpasses traditional cabinets in volume, but also in the sound quality which is truly wonderful. Great service too from the folks at Tricky Audio who built it, arranged delivery and are always available to offer technical advice. I fully recommend Tricky Audio and Greenboy Cabinets.” 

– Pete Pritchard

“Loving my Greenboy F110. I use it with my F110 sub or combine it with my F212. No matter what configuration, they deliver that full range bass sound that most other cabs are missing”


– Kim Nekroman